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A name will not be acceptable or suitable for registration under the companies acts where it is a duplicate or the word UK or Services are used or added to an existing name. A simarlar or variable name ,however may be registered.There is always a risk that within 12 months of the name being registered that the secretary of state may use its powers under the act to direct a company to change its name on the opinion that the name is too simarlar to an existing established company name, or that at any time another company may object that the name may be confusing the public as to the identity of the party using it or is in some way in breach of their legal rights or goodwill established. Certain words are sensitive and restricted from use and we are happy to advise you on the criteria for these names to be allowed within your Company name.


The Registrar of companies does not consult the trade mark register or index when considering the application for a new company name.The acceptance of a particular name is no indication that no trade mark rights exist in it. Appicants are therefore advised in their own interests to avoid possible future expense and inconvienience to investigate the possibility that others may have trade mark rights in the name ,or parts of such names they require. We cannot be held responsible for any costs and will be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any damage or claim made against you by any trading company or business in relation to a company name being registered through ourselves in our capacity as agents. We rely on the commercial and market awareness of all individuals and promoters in consideration and submission of names which are not too simarlar to companies already incorporated or unicorprated businesses within their trade or profession.


We ensure full customer satisfaction by maintaining a high level of professionalism and speed of service. All products supplied are of the highest quality and our staff are committed to giving full customer service and providing information where permittable.We accept orders .applications on the principle that all information given to us is accurate, honest and up to date.All orders are treated in the strictest of confidence at all given times.


All fees relating to company formation and services are paid in advance and all documentation will only be issued on clearance of payment in relation to these services. This does not apply to account holders/professional intermeadaries.

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New company packages include free arrangement of a business account with either HSBC, Lloyds, Santander or Barclays. This service is optional with no tied in arrangement to a specific bank, making us the popular choice for new company formers.

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