Service Address for a limited company in Birmingham

New Company Group can help you to secure a director’s service address for your new business.

You may wish to keep your home address off the public file. From 1st October 2009 the Companies Act allows company directors to file a service address.

As a director you will still need to divulge your permanent residential address to ourselves, but this will not show on the public file, meaning your personal address remains private.

Cost: – £45.00 per annum

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Service Address for a limited company in Birmingham

What is a service address?

For a limited company, a service address is the official address where statutory mail, legal notices, and other important correspondence can be delivered to the company directors, company secretary, and any other persons who are authorised to receive official documents on behalf of the company.

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for all company directors, secretaries, and persons with significant control to provide a service address when registering with the government. This address is separate from the registered office address, which is the official address of the company that is registered with the government.

The service address can be any physical address, including a home address or an office address, as long as it is a valid and deliverable address. In many cases, company directors and secretaries may prefer to use a different address for their service address, such as a mail forwarding service or the address of a professional service provider.

It is important to note that the service address is a public record, which means that it may be accessible to third parties. This is why many company directors and secretaries prefer to use a different address for their service address to maintain their privacy and security.

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