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New Company Group also offer trademark advice and registrations to help protect your business.

If you wish to carry out a trademark search to see if a mark has already been registered in your classification, we can do so for you.

We can also undertake registration of a trademark if available which can add considerable prestige and status to your business.

If you need any further information or advice on trademarks, contact us today and our team can assist you in registering your trademark. Prices available on application.

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What is a company trademark?

A company trademark, also known as a brand name or simply a trademark, is a unique symbol, design, word, phrase, or combination of these elements that represents a company’s products or services in the marketplace. A trademark is used to distinguish a company’s goods or services from those of its competitors and helps to build brand recognition and loyalty among consumers.

A trademark can be a valuable asset for a company, as it provides legal protection for the use of the trademark and prevents other companies from using the same or similar marks that could create confusion among consumers. To obtain a trademark, a company must file an application with the relevant intellectual property office in the country or region where it wishes to register the mark.

Once a trademark is registered, the company can use the trademark to identify its goods or services and prevent others from using the same or similar marks. In addition to providing legal protection, a trademark can also help to build brand equity and increase the value of a company’s brand in the marketplace.

How to register a trademark

To register a trademark, you will need to follow these general steps:


Conduct a trademark search: Before you apply for a trademark, it’s important to conduct a search to ensure that your proposed trademark is not already in use by someone else. You can conduct a search on the trademark database of the relevant intellectual property office in the country or region where you plan to register the trademark.


File a trademark application: Once you have conducted a search and determined that your proposed trademark is available, you can file a trademark application with the relevant intellectual property office. The application will include details such as the name and address of the trademark owner, a description of the goods or services associated with the trademark, and a clear representation of the trademark itself. New Company Group provides this service and ensures the application is accurate and complete.


Wait for examination: After you submit your trademark application, it will be examined by a trademark examiner to confirm that it meets the legal requirements for registration. This process can take several months or longer, depending on the country or region.


Respond to objections or opposition: If the trademark examiner raises objections or if someone opposes your trademark application, New Company Group can respond to these objections or opposition to ensure that your trademark is registered.


Receive trademark registration: Once your trademark application is approved, you will receive a certificate of registration for your trademark. The trademark registration gives you exclusive rights to use the trademark in connection with the goods or services specified in your application.


It’s important to note that the process of registering a trademark can be complex but New Company Group is here to help! We have several years experience of providing professional trademark advice to companies across the UK and beyond so why not get in touch today!

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